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Swiss Rocks Soho

The Swiss Rocks Soho

Swiss rock star jewellery designer J.P Di Lenardo paid a visit to the London’s oldest and most authentic Swiss restaurant St.Moritz to dine with the owner himself and receive a guided tour of it’s infamous club downstairs which has been home to some of London’s most iconic rock musicians since 1959!

One foot into the doors of St. Moritz and you are instantly transported to the Swiss Alps, with it’s cozy wooden walls, and smell of bubbling raclette and fondu, its as close to the real thing you might possibly find, some may even argue much better! But it’s the restaurants owner Armind (?) or Sweety as he is referred which makes a visit to St.Moritz like no where else in the world!

At 75 years young there is no sign that this hearty, charming and very devilish wild child is ready to slow down. One of only a few of the original kings of Soho which remain, Sweety (Armin Loetscher) has been running St.Moritz and its roaring rock club below since 1959. Hosting everyone from Kate Moss, Duran Duran, Poison, Bay Citty Rollers, Def Lepard, Lemy from Motörhead and, and, and….

So it was no surprise he and J.-P Di Lenardo and his son Y.-P were a match made in mischievous heaven……

(by Dìde Liechti)

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